Below, you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Need additional information? Please reach out to us directly.

NO. 1—How soon should I buy tickets for a dinner show?
Be sure to purchase your tickets as soon as possible. First come, first served. Some of our shows sell out quickly, so be sure to buy your tickets as soon as you know when you want to attend a show. All tickets need to be purchased in advance.  Every guest must have ticket purchased in advance, we do not sell tickets at the door. Please NEVER assume a show is sold out unless it is posted as "sold out." If you are not sure and the website isn't clear, please call 925-374-0056.

*** I have a gift certificate and would like to make a reservation to the dinner show, how do I do this? Send me (Gerry) an email and let me know when you would like to join us, I will email you confirmation with itinerary for the evening and you’re all set. My email is

NO. 2—When should I arrive, and how long is the evening?
Please be sure to arrive about 7:10 pm to get parked. Head to the club, our door opens at 7:15 pm. You will be greeted and checked in at our front desk, then seated by one of our hosts. Once you have been seated, your drink orders will be taken and the fun begins right away. Strolling magicians are perform up close at your table. Amazing mysteries at close range.

  • Dinner will begin being serving at 7:45 pm, and the strolling magic will continue during the dinner hour. Dinner is served in three courses, beginning with our freshly prepared baby greens salad followed by the main course of sliced roasted tri-tip beef and boneless breast marinated chicken with our butter herb sauce and a side of seasonal vegetables and golden herb rice. Dinner is followed by dessert—a variety of tasty bite sized treats including our freshly dipped chocolate strawberries. Your choice of coffee, hot tea, iced tea or lemonade, cola and diet cola is included with your dinner.

  • After dessert, the big show begins! The stage show is approximately one hour and ten minutes, and features the top magicians in the world today.

  • Following the show, you will have a chance to meet magicians, take pictures, and discover a collection of magic tricks available for purchase at the magic counter. The evening concludes by 10:30 PM.

NO. 3—What does my ticket price include?

All ticket price information is available on our show schedule page. Our ticket price per person includes one three-course dinner, soft drinks such as cola, diet cola, iced tea, hot tea lemonade, and coffee, full stage show, and applicable taxes (***Sales tax is included in ticket price). We do offer ticket discounts for groups (for example, four or more people qualify for the ticket price of $10 discount if purchased at the same time). Again, the discount ONLY applies when purchased as the group.

***Sales tax - Starting July 1, 2019, basic ticket price is $89.00 per person (base price of $81.47 plus 9.25% sales tax of $7.53) for one to three tickets purchased. $79.00 per person (base price of $72.32 plus 9.25% sales tax of $6.68) for groups of four or more.

  • GRATUITIES are not automatically included in your ticket purchase or beverage purchases—please consider leaving a tip for our wait staff when the evening concludes. What is a the suggested tip amount? We recommend $10 per person in your party. Do I tip the magicians? No, you do not need to tip the magicians.

NO. 4—Is there a vegetarian option for dinner?

Yes, a vegetarian or vegan meal is available with a required 48-hour notice for availability. For our vegetarian dinner, we prepare tender angel hair pasta topped with a cheese-less pesto sauce, garlic, marinated artichoke hearts, diced black olives, and freshly diced tomatoes (served piping hot).

NO. 5—Where do I get to sit during the dinner and show?

Seating is pre-assigned by management.

  • General rule of thumb is that the room is filled from the front to the back according to when you purchased your tickets.

  • Tickets purchased together are seated together. If you purchase tickets separately and want to be seated together, be sure to notify us before the evening of the show.

  • There is not a bad seat in the house because you can see well from every table.

  • Our dining/showroom is small and intimate.

  • The stage is elevated so no matter where you are seated, you'll have a great view.

NO. 6—Can I bring a cake if we are celebrating someone's birthday?

Please do not bring a cake. A cake is not necessary to make the evening more memorable. As we stated above, the evening is completely structured, and there is no extra time for this addition. Please be sure to let us know of the special occasion you might be celebrating so we can respectfully acknowledge your celebration during the stage show.

NO. 7—Which show do you recommend?

All of our shows feature professional performers. Every performance is terrific and unique in its own way. Please check our show schedule to see who is performing and be sure to read the description if you're looking for more information about that magician.

NO. 8 What is the dress code for the evening?

We recommend dressy casual attire but evening wear is also welcomed. Many of our guests are celebrating a special occasion and want to dress up in the spirit of a special evening out.

NO. 9—How do I keep updated about the upcoming shows?

Check our website regularly for our schedule or follow us on our social media channels. We also have a newsletter you can sign up for (we will NEVER give or sell your email address to anyone else). Thank you!