Simply approaching the facade of California Magic Dinner Theatre in downtown Martinez will spark one's inner sense of mystery -- a sense of comfort, and even nostalgia will take over.

Here, in the heart of a city carrying its own history, you'll find California Magic, one of the most unique night spots yet to be discovered -- well, we know about it, but do you?! California Magic Dinner Theatre brings back to life the rich history of magic, one of the oldest performing arts. Just as you arrive, you will be welcomed by music from bygone eras playing on the doorstep.

Stepping across the threshold takes you into another era; from greeters in gowns or tuxedos to the seats focused on the parlor stage, guests enjoy the care (and the fun) generated by the California Magic family. Gerry Griffin, the owner of California Magic, notes that he didn't start here. Having been enthralled by magic at an early age, Gerry grew to dedicating his life to the art of magic.

"There's something truly beautiful about seeing the impossible, and when you see the impossible presented up close by a gentleman with a twinkle in his eye and a smile in his voice, that's captivating," says Gerry Griffin.

No stranger to this area, Gerry Griffin grew up in Antioch, California. With his parents nurturing his interest in magic, Gerry was on a path. Merely six years after first watching magicians perform on television, he opened his first magic shop called the Sophisticated Sorcery. Gerry maintained his desire to bring magic to others, to let each of us keep the mystery alive whether it be a performer or an audience member. In 1980, Griffin broadened his capacity to share magic with the community by taking the California Magic & Novelty Company to Pleasant Hill.

Based in the love of the art of magic, Gerry continued to perform. In fact, you might remember Gerry as the resident magician at two Contra Costa restaurants. His success there spring-boarded him to more performances in higher visibility restaurants and private parties in Reno, Lake Tahoe, northern California and even southern California -- from Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills to the famous Carnelian Room in San Francisco. More recently, Gerry Griffin's credits can be found on magic used by street magician David Blaine as well as on Griffin's own internationally respected DVD series on card magic.

Additionally, Gerry appeared on San Francisco Bay Area television and produced magic for Fox Television's show "Totally Hidden Video." From running a magic shop to creating a full dinner theatre experience, Gerry's partner through all of this, his wife Laura, helped the dream become a reality.

"We've provided the SF Bay Area with a place that captures the taste of an old night club or supper club era. A place where you can enjoy a delicious dinner and elegant surroundings rich with the history of magic in an intimate setting."

After guests are seated, they are treated to close up magic performed at the table and a signature dinner followed by hand-dipped chocolate strawberries. The main event consists of world famous magicians on stage in a parlor setting. Martinez was selected as the ideal site for California Magic Dinner Theatre, given that the town has it's own magical history.

Home to such greats as naturalist John Muir and baseball's "Joltin'" Joe DiMaggio, not to mention the birthplace of the Martini cocktail, the downtown area holds a classic "small town America" feel. Gerry's heart, imagination, and spirit have been captured in the California Magic Dinner Theatre for all to enjoy. This, a place that pays homage to the fine art of magic, has been Gerry Griffin's dream.

"I've finally created the perfect place for magic to be performed; it's a setting in which magic was meant to be seen."

To experience the magic that Gerry and his (extended) family have to offer every Friday and Saturday nights, call 925-374-0056. California Magic Dinner Theatre really is the best place to eat, drink, and be amazed. Get in on a vintage club experience featuring the best in magic -- call Gerry Griffin at California Magic Dinner Theatre in downtown Martinez.